SPF 30 + CBD Sunscreen - 2.5oz

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reef safe sunscreen

What makes Dr.Jimmy's CBD sunscreen different:

- it's REEF SAFE, meaning no kooky chemicals that harm our coral reefs

- each 2.5oz tube contains 275mg of Dr.Jimmy's unique, third party tested, USA hemp blend; with CBD & CBN

- it's SPF 30, mineral based, and uses non-nano zinc oxide

- it's vegan, tell your friends

- it's fragrance free to not throw off your sweet, natural musk

- and, we don't test on bunnies or any other innocent animals (just consenting humans)


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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Dr.Jimmy just announced a new mineral sunscreen that combines the unique benefits of hemp and zinc oxide. Checking in at SPF 30 for everyday use, this unique sunscreen uses non-nano zinc oxide to ward off harmful UV rays, while our specific hemp cannabinoids (CBD & CBN) work to reduce harmful inflammation and damage caused by UVA & UVB sun exposure. 

Here are some perks about Dr.Jimmy's Pre-Sun SPF CBD Sunscreen Formula:

  • it's REEF SAFE, meaning no kooky chemicals that harm our coral reefs
  • each 2.5oz tube contains 275mg of Dr.Jimmy's unique, third party tested, USA hemp blend; with CBD & CBN
  • it's SPF 30, mineral based, and uses non-nano zinc oxide
  • it's vegan, tell your friends
  • it's fragrance free to not throw off your sweet, natural musk
  • and, we don't test on bunnies or any other innocent animals (just consenting humans)
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    Love this stuff

    Posted by Kalohe Kelly on 8th Mar 2023

    Brah, I use dakine whether I stay beach, surf or just cruising. Like try? I stay Sandy's, chambers side only with da AM whompers. Shoooots.