day drinking and sunshine, what could go wrong


We are by no means discouraging you from enjoying some fun in the sun.

We're right there next to you, cheersing beach-mosas and overstaying that dawn patrol, but here's the truth: the froth is real, and sunburns happen.


That's why every serious sunchild knows you need Dr. Jimmy's Aloe + CBD After Sun gel with you wherever the sun goes, and if you don't, just ask Arykah over here...

yoga and hemp cbd
aloe and cbd is all you need

*magnified for sure, our tube is NOT this big


Dr.Jimmy's motto: keep it simple.

That means:

- no kooky chemicals that harm coral reefs

- third party tested, USA organic hemp

- no animal products, tell your friends

- no artificial scents to throw off your sweet, natural musk

- no testing on bunnies or other innocent animals (just consenting humans)