Natural Sunscreen & Aloe Vera Bundle

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Welcome to mother nature's own skin first aid kit. This bundle includes:

1 x Pre Sun Sunscreen

1 x After Sun Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Dr.Jimmy's sunscreen and aloe vera bundle has everything your skin needs to enjoy itself while spending time in the sun and the great outdoors. Our one-of-a-kind natural sunscreen combines hemp CBD and zinc oxide to help combat the sun's harsh rays, while our After Sun moisturizing gel blends soothing aloe vera and hemp CBD to help speed recovery and reduce overall damage.


What's the deal with CBD sunscreen?

Our new mineral sunscreen combines the unique benefits of hemp CBD and zinc oxide. Checking in at SPF 30 for everyday use, this unique sunscreen uses non-nano zinc oxide to ward off harmful UV rays, while our specific hemp cannabinoids (CBD & CBN) work to reduce harmful inflammation and damage caused by UVA & UVB sun exposure. 

Here's some perks about Dr.Jimmy's Pre-Sun Formula:

- SPF 30 to blot out the sun

- it's REEF SAFE, meaning no kooky chemicals that harm our coral reefs

- it contains CBD + CBN from third party tested, USA organic hemp

- it's mineral based and uses non-nano zinc oxide

- there are no animal products, tell your friends

- it's fragrance free to not throw off your sweet, natural musk

- and, we don't test on bunnies or any other innocent animals (just consenting humans)


"Don't worry, be hempy." - Dr.Jimmy