Who's Dr.Jimmy?

Posted by Dr.Jimmy on 3rd Sep 2021

Who's Dr.Jimmy?

Aloha Team, 

This is your Doctor speaking...well only if you want me to be. I'm Dr.Jimmy, the carefree uncle type of doctor; like Mathew McConaughey in a lab-coat "take it easy man, it's just a little hemp" kind of doctor. Maybe a little Tom Robbins for your health kind of doctor; and maybe by now you get that I'm not a real person. Dr.Jimmy is a vibe: he's not-so-artificial intelligence, and the collective voice behind our cheeky little hemp company.

Keep in mind, our products are designed and made by doctors and Ph.Ds, formulated with natural ingredients, and third party tested for quality control and transparency. Because that's important, but life is short and we also enjoy sipping mai-tais in the Maldives and sautéing skewers all summer; so we just don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We hope you don't either, because there's no room for all that drama on the beach; just sunburns and spikeball. So if you enjoy a  good time like we do, we hope you'll enjoy the products we make that support that type of thing (and the burns, bruises and bumps along the way).

Have a great long weekend team, it's a pleasure to introduce "ourselves". 

- Dr.Jimmy