After Sun "Travel Pack" (Saves $20)

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Just in time for your next vacation. Dr.Jimmy bundled up 4 tubes of our travel ready (TSA liquid limit approved) Aloe + CBD After Sun. This bundle insures you can keep your Jimmy's on you throughout your adventures: stash one in your carry-on, your daypack, with grandma, and in the mini-fridge!


- 4 x 3.4oz Travel Tubes of After Sun (enought for the whole fam...or a seriously toasty vacation)

- Free Shipping 

- Skin Insurance (*there's no such thing - so practice safe skin protection, but when that fails, that's why you brought your Jimmy's!)


Dr.Jimmy's After Sun Moisturizer is a unique & naturally simple potion that calms and moisturizes irritated and sun scorched skin.

Liberally lather the soothing combination of aloe vera and hemp all over the body, hands, and face, while avoiding contact with the eyes. Should contact or irritation occur, rinse thoroughly with water. consult a physician if you have any concerns, questions, etc.

"Don't worry, be hempy." - Dr.Jimmy

What that means:

- no kooky chemicals that harm coral reefs

- third party tested, USA organic hemp

- no animal products, tell your friends

- no artificial scents to throw off your sweet, natural musk

- no testing on bunnies or other innocent animals (just consenting humans)


aloe and cbd is all you need